Revision and language advice


Quodixit also provides the revision of texts of which you would like the language use or spelling to be controlled, improved or more sophisticated. These can be translated texts to be revised or proofread by a second translator, but also texts in your own language that need to be reviewed in order to be more comprehensive or concise. We can also provide post-editing of Machine Translations.

A good letter that is easy to read and uses the right wording to express the right idea, a clear presentation of a strategy, an understandable product description: these are all essential elements in international commerce and often represent the business card of a company. Quodixit can assist you in compiling your written reports or correspondence in French or Dutch. Every language has its own register, level of language and a particular construction of sentences. Quodixit can take care of the writing of your texts and will assist you to find the best solution for an effective text.

For questions, we kindly invite you to contact Quodixit.

language advice

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