Translations/sworn translations


Quodixit is your reliable partner for all translations from and to the following languages :

  •    Dutch-French
  •    French-Dutch
  •    English-Dutch
  •    French-English
  •    English-French

A good translation can only be realised if the translator is familiar with the content and terminology of the text to be translated. Quodixit is specialized in financial, economic and legal texts and ensures a quick and efficient translation that exactly matches with the type of text that needs to be translated. A financial report or a contract may not be subject to any mistake of interpretation, a product presentation must be be eye-catching and well-constructed. Besides, financial texts are often characterised by a rather formal and technical vocabulary.




Quodixit will take care of all your translations related to:

  • Investment products
  • Banking services
  • Real estate transactions
  • Loan contracts
  • Wealth  Management Services (fiscal advice, family governance, estate planning)
  •  Annual reports

Anne-Marie is a sworn translator, certified by the Appeal Court of Metz (France).

Many legal, consular and administrative authorities require certified translations realised by a sworn translator for various kind of documents. Certified translations are confidential, carry the stamp and signature of the translator an contain a declaration of conformity with regards to the source text.

Please feel free to contact Quodixit for any further information or a free offer.


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