Quodixit: translation for the financial sector, language advice and language courses

“In life, as in language, nuance is everything.” (Louis Couperus, Dutch novelist, 1863 – 1923)


In today’s society, where national frontiers are blurring and international communication has become a widespread phenomenon, it is important that we can express ourselves in another language. Every language, but also every discipline within a language, has its own typical expressions, technical jargon and references. For a translator, it is of outmost importance that he or she is familiar with this jargon so that a text can be translated in a correct manner, clear and easy to read.

Quodixit takes care of translations, text revision and proofreading, language advice and language courses in English, French and Dutch.

Anne-Marie Stroucken is a Dutch native who lives since more than twenty years in France, close to the Luxembourg border, where she operates as independent translator. Furthermore she organises language courses for individuals and companies. With almost twenty years of experience in the financial sector in Luxembourg, she has a good knowledge of and an extensive experience in the use of the financial and economic language in English, French and Dutch.